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This application is really wonderful, maybe this is the application that are booming compared to the other android application. the usual PTC business even now on moving into "Rewards" WHAFF including myself, the reason I moved to "WHAFF" because not wait. If the PTC value per click is $ 0.01, whereas in the "download only" WHAFF gets $ 0.5 to $ 0.30 and run gets $ 0.5 $ 0.6 and sometimes if it's not on the run (in let) then it will be paid $ 0.1 easy, right..??

Whiff Rewards has become the most popular applications on Android today, many people came from all over the world just to be a whiff users and try their luck with making money on the whiff through their Android phones and tablets. Whiff is arguably small businesses with almost no capital.

Why can say almost without capital? due to run whiff we do not need the money for the list, the program is 100 % free. Maybe a bit of capital that is needed is the pulse quota / mobile internet data packets that can be connected to the Internet to access the whiff. Different again if you take advantage of free wifi / hotspot as a "weapon" to run whiff, this new small business piecemeal 100% without capital.

Although classified as a small business piecemeal, was income from whiff can not be underestimated. Many users who have had income whiff hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars (thousands of
dollars). Want to know who they are? And how estimates of their income if your currency? Consider the list of top 10 most winning whiff of dollars following...

No need to write in the amount of numbers , I think it is already clearly visible.You just click the image next to the big picture will be visible...

In addition to this show 4 images from top to bottom are numbers 1 and 2 is the total income since he joined in "WHAFF" and the number 3 and 4 is revenue in 1 day.This picture was update on January 16, 2014. I took from my own account and will probably continue to grow daily.Because it is too easy to get money out of this application.

That's the list of the top 10 most dollar-winning Whaff. Of course there are still many users Whaff might even thousands of "Whaffers" who earn millions, hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars just to benefit from android or tablet. You haven't felt the easiest money from income Whaff? come soon to sign up and earn money with easy ..

If you are not familiar with my writing this. Please wait at his comments, I will try to help you to reach your dollar with ease..

You must be read : How to register Whaff rewards?

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