Free And Easy Money from Android With WHAFF

What Is Application WHAFF Rewards..?

Does not feel the rapidly growing mobile technology developments, we can now see children aged 5 years can already use sophisticated mobile phones like android smartphone.Not just for calling, texting, save and listen songs also take pictures through the camera features.It invited the investors area of advertising to introduce products that relate to the application android smartphone via WHAFF Rewards..New era of mobile Ads solution, these appear as solution developers to introduce their products to be downloaded through Whaff Reward, and they are willing to pay if the application is installed on the android members Whaff Rewards, because according to their android user surveys most widely in the world, that this idea appears as early as October 31, 2011 ago.

Whaff Reward app is an application Android on a Reward Gift Card like Cash and Tap Junowallet. Whaff is an Android application that allows users to get a reward in the form of money by way of moving within your account such application Whaff, playing games, or run the application recommended by Whaff. Indeed how can free money without capital this easily just from WHAFF who has an average of the current highest paid android apps available than others..

Whaff reward  13 february 2015 update

whiff adding new features that you can get rewarded continually
Get rewarded constantly with the application
now to get free allowances to reward the best applications, whiff!
With the credibility and reliability, whiff is your best choice!
1. Get a gift for download an application
2. Get a gift to use the application
3. Get a gift to maintain the application on your device
No one can give you free money as whiff!
Try whiff now and discover our new features!
Now get money constantly with the best whiff app rewards!

Find useful apps and get rewarded with Cash or Gift Card! ★
Do you want to discover new applications and get rewarded with cash or Gift Cards? Whiff will let you browse Sponsored Apps Hand Selected by whiff and reward you every time download apps.

The New One
Stunning new user interface changes
The presence of a check added
Added new payment option
(Amazon, Facebook, PlayStation, Google Play, Xbox and Steam)
1. Improved notification function
2. AdColony, Vungle and Metaps added
1. Flurry offerwall added
Add Premium Ads.
1. Play daily
Get rewarded for using the application
2. Daily Prizes
Get rewarded for keeping the application on your device

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