How to run until the money into our accounts

Many ways to get a dollar from the application this Way WHAFFrewards making money from Whaff can be done by various methods, including by directly downloading the application, run the application, invite facebook friends to use Whaff and others. Remember the first thing most easily to add "Earning" after you enter the coupon code AL32G35 Invite that is...

~ Like his Facebook Whaff: will get rewards: $ 0.10
~ Share Whaff in Google Plus will get rewards: $ 0.20
~ Write a review about Whaff in Google Play will get rewards: $ 0.15
The third case above can be found in the menu on your Whaff account and Whaff Picks.

Whaff Premium Picks a premium application application, you can download the application to get paid (average 0.06 to 0.20 dollars to every application download), in addition to the premium Application it will also give the Commission every day by following the rules of the game are given, contonya play the game for 4 minutes a day, open apps 1 minute a day. If the mission is successful then the Earning will soon increase, and could do it again the next day. The Commission can be obtained ranged from 0.01 to 0.05 dollars per 1 application if run in a single day.

In many applications, there is a pick-up Whaff which can be downloaded, each application has different Commission rates.

You could suggest this as Whaff application messages to facebook friends, friends in return Whaff will add 0.01 Dollars to tab your Earning for 1 friend who in Invite, could also massively. If you have a lot of facebook friends is very nice, no matter my facebook friends will respond to or ignore that message, fixed Whaff will pay!.

Other Picks and invite program. You can find your own account Whaff.From the menu above that some PAY MOST of there in the menu "PREMIUM PICK".We will discuss on next page...
There are still a few ways left to run to make money like Whaff download on

So many payment options WHAFF party REWARD users for their convenience, from via Paypal or Gift Card (Amazon Gift cards, facebook Gift cards, Gift Card, Google PlayStation Play Gift Card, Gift Card and Xbox Steam Gift Card) which is a minimum withdrawal of $ 10 US for Paypal and $ 12 US for Gift cards.We will discuss on the next page as well...

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