Be A Winner

Still connection of "do your best" in 7 steps to become an instructor For your own life. In doing your best, strive to "Be a winner". Now I would like to ask whether the winner should always be the number one? If the answer to that we often say definitely Yes, You're wrong, be a winner here that is, winning in a way of thinking. There is indeed a time for being the number one but is actually the winner to be the best, then so be the best you can in any situation. For example, a few years ago I had read newspaper about a marathon race on the host in London. Was a man aged 50 years named Zoe Koplowitz, her American citizens which is multiple sclerosis and diabetes patients, has just reached the finish line at the London Marathon. Zoe finish the race run 41.8 kilo metres using a pair of crutches away and he takes 28 hours to 30 hours longer than the time the winner.


After a couple of years later I am looking for news from a variety of mass media and the internet, he increasingly lost her strength but is proud to be the slowest marathon runners in the world. He became famous in the United States, finishing 13 times run a marathon match 42,1 kilo metres in New York in successive takes part, it can raise funds for the MS Society and wrote a book called Winning Spirit. Zoe said that he was thinking of participation in the race has attracted media attention, so the trend eventually changed from "being first is the best" to "be the best you can"

Really an amazing story, heard that someone else has showed courage and high tenacity can make us think more forward. We could share their strengths and work on that man really powerful. Let the feelings that inspire you to develop your potential. You are more wonderful that you guess ...!!!

Read the rest, and follow what I say this:
Stop reading and relax for a moment, look around you and think about the real miracle in your life. Maybe you can see the clouds through the window, why not obey the words heart to note cloud? don't do anything other than look at the cloud and enjoy. Enjoy your presence in this place now, pull the breath and appreciate the beauty of nature. Take time to enjoy it, it will always strengthen and sustain you. Look at the cloud is that no other activities aim to help you to appreciate your life. Verily, your life is worth as well as yourself.

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